New parliament will be fragmented – Grybauskaite’s adviser

  • 2012-10-09

VILNIUS - Presidential Advisor on Domestic Policy Mindaugas Linge says that the newly elected parliament will consist of many political parties.

"There might be a certain shift in power. It is likely that parliament will be fragmented," said Linge in an interview with the radio Ziniu Radijas on Tuesday.

According to the adviser, the main intrigue of the upcoming parliamentary elections is the political map that will form afterwards, a part of which may be seen already after the first round.

"The intrigue of the first round is the question which political parties will make through the barrier of 5 percent and we can anticipate it. () It is really interesting to see which political parties that are now in the Seimas, will surely get re-elected and become parliamentary and which yet unrepresented political forces will make it to Parliament," said the adviser.

Linge also noted that this is the first parliamentary elections without the assistance of legal persons.

"It has been a consistent president's goal. Certain step in the fight against corruption has already been made in order to work for the people rather than work for narrow business interests," said the adviser.