PM: speed camera project failed because of private partner

  • 2012-10-03

RIGA - The speed camera project in Latvia failed because the project's private partner did not carry out the contract's obligations, Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis said during "Latvijas Neatkariga Televizija" (LNT) news program "900 Seconds" this morning.

Dombrovskis pointed out that the government now supports in principle the possibility of buying out the speed cameras. If this happens, the cameras will be fully operated and managed by the state, with no private companies involved.

PM explained that at the time the speed cameras were purchased, the state did not have spare funds to purchase them, thus a private partner was involved. At the time, this was beneficial for the state, however, the private partner did not fulfill the contract's terms, thus leading to the current situation.

As reported, of Sept. 28, speed camera operations have been suspended temporarily, which means that speeding tickets will not be issued for violations established by the cameras.

State Police spokeswoman Lita Juberte informed LETA at the time that, as of September 28, the State Police’s contract with speed camera provider "V-Traffic" (previously - "Vitronic Baltica un partneri") is terminated. This means that, "V-Traffic" cameras can remain on the country's highways and roads, but the State Police will not issue any tickets for traffic violations established by the cameras.

At the moment, negotiations are under way on the possibility of signing a temporary agreement with "V-Traffic", to the same level of speed control on Latvia's highways and roads during the transition period.

LETA also reported, on September 28, the government decided to terminate the State Police's contract with "V-Traffic" and do everything in its power to ensure that the cameras continue to operate during the next two months, while all issues regarding their further operations are resolved.