State should support Russian-language media - Reform Party

  • 2012-10-02

RIGA - The state should not create additional obstacles for newspapers. On the contrary, in order to facilitate public comprehension of processes and developments in Latvia and reduce the influence of foreign mass media, the state should support Russian-language media, the Reform Party points out in a statement to the press.

The statement was released in reaction to All for Latvia!-For Fatherland and Freedom/LNNK (VL-TB/LNNK) co-chairman Raivis Dzintars' comment in an interview with the newspaper "Diena" that the state should support only Latvian-language newspapers.

The Reform Party points out that, in regard to VL-TB/LNNK's ideas and Dzintars' comments, it is not clear what VL-TB/LNNK means by advocating state support for Latvian-language media only and how this serves the public interest and helps unify Latvia's society.