E-voting would not be 100 percent safe - PM

  • 2012-09-27

VILNIUS – Today’s Internet and information technologies cannot give a 100 percent guarantee that online votes would be protected from any kind of attacks, Lithuanian Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius said on Thursday.

"The current level of the Internet and information technologies does not allow us to be 100 percent sure that voting results would be protected from any sort of attacks on them," he said in an interview with Ziniu Radijas.

On the other hand, Kubilius said, e-voting development could have been started from Lithuanian citizens residing abroad.

The PM suggests continuing discussions on the issue.

As reported, Tuesday Lithuania's parliament decided to reject amendments to the laws on elections to the European Parliament, president, referendum and parliamentary elections which spoke about applying a new form of voting - voting online, granting the right of online voting to Lithuanian citizens abroad.

A poll conducted by market research company Baltijos Tyrimai revealed that as many as three quarters (75 percent) of Lithuania's residents are in favor of allowing online voting in Lithuania.