MFA calls for peaceful decision on the Armenian and Azerbaijani conflict

  • 2012-09-06

VILNIUS - Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is aware of the fact that representatives of the Armenian and Azerbaijani communities in Lithuania are organizing pickets today. “We hope that participants of these pickets will present their positions in a moderate manner and restrain from harsh rhetoric, will respect national symbols and not instigate discord between the nations that have been peacefully cohabitating in Lithuania for centuries,” ministry’s statement says.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs supported the concern raised by the EU regarding the situation, which had resulted from actions taken by the government of Azerbaijan in relation to Ramil Safarov and called on the countries to find a way to defuse the tension and renew the dialogue based on the generally recognized norms of international law.

 We sincerely hope that Lithuanian citizens of the Armenian and Azerbaijani background will contribute to these efforts.