Police catches Turi shooter

  • 2012-08-28

TALLINN - Late last night Estonian police detained Niokolai Tome who is suspected of shooting one and injuring another person on Monday in the small central Estonian town Turi, Postimees Online reports.

The man was caught in the Paide parish and was detained peacefully, said West Estonian district prosecutor's office. The man will be interrogated today.

At noon on Monday, Nikolai Tome, who worked in metals processing company OU Avemet Eesti, shot a man who entered the company and who died of the injuries. Another man working in the company received lighter injuries and Tome fled the scene of the crime. Postimees wrote on Tuesday that the shooting took place because of a personal dispute between the men that had started days before between Tome and Auris Masak, the man who was killed. Both men were notorious in the town but had no criminal record.