Tallinn City approved of the free public transport bill

  • 2012-08-23

TALLINN – On Aug. 22, Tallinn City Government approved of the draft regulation that would make public transport in the city free of charge for city residents starting 2013, writes LETA/National Broadcasting.

Free rides in the public transport will also apply to all pupils before the age of 19, regardless of their registered place of residence.

Those users of the public transport who are not, according to the Population Register, residents of Tallinn, will have to buy e-tickets or electronic period cards as paper tickets will be abolished.

According to the proposal, the provision of free public transport service for city residents and implementation of the new tickets system will lead the City of Tallinn to lose approximately 14.4 million euros in uncollected ticket revenue in 2013. The projected ticket revenue in 2013 amounts to 5.5 million euros.