Polish, Russian minorities to stand together in Lithuania's parliamentary election

  • 2012-08-23

VILNIUS - The Electoral Action of Poles (LLRA) in Lithuania will be contesting in mid October's general election on a joint list with the Russian Alliance and Lithuanian People's Party, thenews.pl reports.

LLRA leader, MEP Valdemar Tomasevski has told Vilnius-based radio Znad Wilii that the two other parties, representing the Russian minority and rural voters, initiated the election bloc.

In Lithuania, individual parties must get 5 percent of the vote in general elections before they can take seats in parliament, while parties standing in ballots as a bloc must receive 7 percent.

The MEP said that the bloc "had already agreed to a list of 130 candidates" for the elections on 14 October and will be standing mainly on economic policy.