Brussels does not need Lithuanian production

  • 2012-08-09

VILNIUS - Lithuanian farmers and businessmen who relied on the rules of financial support that had been operating for five years and invested in afforestation of sprouts used for biofuel, just three days before the start of application admission were told that nobody will cover their costs.

Lithuanian Ministry of Agriculture has suddenly changed the rules explaining that it followed the European Commission's (EC) recommendations.

According to the Chairman of the Lithuanian Farmers' Union Jonas Talmantas, neither in the European Union (EU) nor in Lithuania there are long-term strategies in any areas.

"Every four years everything changes. Without the continuity we will never achieve anything," says Talmantas.

"It is happening not only in Lithuania. Brussels also changes its rules very quickly and does not bother to inform about it. It is very bad. It is a knife under the throat of farmers and businesses," says Talmantas.

The chairman of Lithuanian Farmers' Union is convinced that such things are done on purpose. Brussels does not need strong competitors from Lithuania because it does not know where to put its own production.

"They do not need our products. The less we produce the better they will be because Lithuania will become an ordinary consumer to which they will be able to sell their production. It is even ridiculous to talk about the fair competition or about the existence of any market," said Talmantas.