Detained judge refuses to talk

  • 2012-08-09

RIGA - The chief judge of the Riga Zemgale District Court Ziedonis Strazds, who was detained by the Corruption Prevention Bureau (CPB) yesterday on suspicion of aiding and abetting a crime and/or abuse of high position, has refused to answer investigators’ questions, his attorney Irina Voronova told LETA.

Voronova refrained from commenting in more detail about the case, as she has signed a document of confidentiality. She only added that no security measure has been handed down to Strazds at the moment.

As reported, CPB agents yesterday detained the chief judge of Riga Zemgale District Court.

His name has not been officially mentioned but Web site lists him as Ziedonis Strazds.

CPB confirmed that this case involves two judges, suspected of abuse of position for monetary gain. They are accused of carrying out a scheme for many years - hiring fictitious employees for the court and then cashing in their salaries.

The judge had convinced numerous persons to enter into and sign a bogus job contract, and they in fact never worked for the court.

The other judge mentioned from a regional court, was party to the scheme, and apparently aided and abetted it.