Most common target for Lithuanian thieves - bike

  • 2012-08-09

VILNIUS - Bicycle remains the most popular prey for Lithuanian thieves. Bikes are stolen from the storerooms, underground garages and basements. However, thieves are also tempted to snatch patio furniture, garden equipment, lawnmowers and even hay left in the yard.

Last year Lithuania's biggest insurer Lithuanian Insurance covered 30 percent more bikes than in 2010.

Insurer says that the targeted items reflect the lifestyle of Lithuanian residents.

"Targets reflect the changing lifestyle of the population. As the popularity of bikes increases more of them are purchased. As a result more of them are stolen. Increase in fuel prices and trendy lifestyle are just a few reasons encouraging people using bicycles," says Executive Manager of Property Insurance at Lietuvos Draudimas Andrius Gimbickas

The average loss of bicycle theft stands at about 1,500 litas (434 euros). However, every year it increases because people purchase and insure more expensive bikes.