Estonian language learners can claim reimbursement for their studies

  • 2012-08-03

TALLINN - With support from the European Social Fund, the Integration and Migration Foundation Our People (MISA) continues to invite people to claim reimbursement for expenses up to 320 euros made on studying Estonian, MISa said in a statement.

Currently, MISA has reimbursed the language studies expenses of 587 people, amounting to a little over 153,000 euros. The course fee of up to 320 euros for Estonian studies will be reimbursed once for every language level successfully completed.

"Adults (18 and older), seventeen people without basic education and people aged 15-17 who have completed basic education and do not continue education to a higher level, i.e. schools of general education, vocational education or higher education qualify for reimbursement," Eduard Odinets, head of the Lifelong Learning Unit explained.

According to Odinets, applications are accepted until September 2013, which means that the latest exams must be completed by May 2013.

With the support of ESF, MISA has reimbursed language studies expenses since 2009 and to date, the language studies expenses of nearly 3,700 people have been reimbursed. Up until last year the reimbursement documents had to be presented to the National Examinations and Qualifications Centre; however, from 2012, the documents are received by the Foundation Innove.