PM calls Berzins’ criticism on government’s work groundless

  • 2012-08-01

RIGA - Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis (Unity) has called President Andris Berzins' criticism on the work of the government groundless.

The prime minister does not agree that it is not possible to evaluate the government's work. ''Six months is a suitable point of reference. To a certain extent, the government's achievements can be evaluated during this period. The government has worked very intensely the past six months,'' Dombrovskis told members of the press yesterday.

Asked whether the president's comments are reasonable, the prime minister answered shortly: ''they are not'.'

As reported, Berzins believes that the new ministers in the Dombrovskis government have not yet achieved anything noteworthy, therefore it would not be right to evaluate the government's performance now that it has been just six months in office.

In an interview with LNT television yesterday morning, Berzins admitted that his previous statement, that he could be able to evaluate the work Dombrovskis' government after it marks six months in office, had been wrong. On the contrary - this cannot be done now as the new members of the government have not achieved anything remarkable over the past six months.

It is difficult to evaluate the new ministers' work after just half-year, because nothing noteworthy has been done and more time is needed to see how successful their work is, said Berzins, adding that the performance of Dombrovskis' government could be evaluated only after it will have worked for one year.

Berzins added that he was particularly worried about pension and employment problems. "I do not see any results yet, and I believe no one does: there are just ideas but no real projects to be implemented."