Ergma: no government purchases of cars for MPs

  • 2012-07-27

TALLINN- Estonia cannot start purchasing cars for statesmen via public tenders, Estonian Riigikogu Speaker of Parliament Ene Ergma (pictured) was quoted as saying by the Estonian national broadcasting corporation ERR.

Ene Ergma responded to a deputy, Rainer Vakra, a former member of the Center Party, who applied to review the current system of compensation of cars' value and driving-related costs.

had proposed the idea as a more egalitarian alternative to an ethics quandary where some MPs have accepted personal cars, apparently by dint of their position.

It was reported last month that over 25 of the 101 MPs drive Volvos received from Volvo and Ford dealer Info-Auto at a lower price. The issue was that it might be unethical for a politician to acquire cars at a lower price that that for the general public, ERR writes.

"Work-related expenses for MPs are decided on, and the related agreements concluded, by each MP independently and under current rules it is not possible to purchase official cars for MPs at procurement," said Ergma.

Ergma also rejected calls by Vakra to form a working group for amending the rules on compensating car-related expenses. Ergma said the Government Office had already organized public procurements for taxi service, purchase of motor fuel, and provision of transport service, which she said provided MPs with sufficient freedom of choice as well as more cost-effective use of state revenue.