Croatia’s "Hajduk" fans rowdy in Riga

  • 2012-07-27

RIGA - Police officers in Riga were busy yesterday keeping an eye on about 100 unruly Croatian football fans from Split, who had arrived for last night's game against "Skonto."

After bar-hopping in Old Town all afternoon, the fans headed for "Skonto" Stadium in midtown Riga.

A fistfight erupted between the fans and Municipal Police officers not far from the stadium on Alberta Street. One officer suffered injuries.

A second skirmish occurred right before the game in the stadium between security guards and the mob, who proceeded to occupy a sector in the stands of their own choosing. The guards were assisted by the police, who helped steer the Croatians to the visitors' sector.

A total of eight were arrested for hooliganism, inflicting bodily injury and resisting arrest.