Ansip to Karzai: we will leave Afghanistan together with others

  • 2012-07-18

TALLINN - Estonian Prime Minister Andrus Ansip is on a visit to Afghanistan where he met with Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzai on Tuesday, Public Broadcasting reports.

At the meeting Ansip said that Estonia supports NATO action plan in Afghanistan and we will continue the military contribution at the current level as long as it is necessary and welcome. "The important thing is that the alliance acts in unity and we will leave together, just like we started this mission together," said Ansip, who will be visiting Estonian troops in Afghanistan later.

Ansip went to Afghanistan with a stop in India where he met on Monday with Indian Foreign Affairs Minister Preneet Kaur to discuss the economic situation of Estonia and India and problems of the euro area. Ansip and Kaur estimate that in Estonian-Indian relations, there is potential primarily in the higher education and IT spheres. Estonia intends to open an embassy in New Delhi this year.