Harmony Center faces becoming largest Riga City Council group with no power - Ijabs

  • 2012-06-08

RIGA - After next year's municipal elections, Harmony Center could become the largest Riga City Council group with no power, political scientist Ivars Ijabs said in an interview with LETA.

However, Harmony Center leader Nils Usakovs' chances of staying on the as city's mayor will depend on pro-Latvian parties' capability of nominating a suitable candidate.

The struggle will be interesting and, possibly, intense, therefore it is difficult to predict its outcome. The main question is whether pro-Latvian parties will be able to come up with a more or less suitable candidate in their struggle against pro-Russian Usakovs. This will play an important role, since Usakovs has ensured over the past few years that his name is well-known in Riga. He has also depicted himself as a benefactor, explained the political observer.

Ijabs pointed out that party alliances will be formed and candidates sought throughout the entire summer.

Mayoral candidates should be widely recognized and have good reputations, just like Auditor General Inguna Sudraba and New Era founder Einars Repse, said Ijabs, but added that it is necessary to take into account that Sudraba will not run for this position with Unity and Repse will not vie for it as well.