Prison inmates go on hunger strike over badly washed plates

  • 2012-05-25

DAUGAVPILS - Inmates in Daugavgriva Prison's Daugavpils sector have gone on a hunger strike over badly washed plates and utensils in the prison, as Aleksandrs Sabanovs from inmates' organization "Gara speks" (Power of Spirit) informed LETA.

The organization has received a letter addressed to Daugavgriva Prison Administration, Latvian Prison Administration and Justice Ministry, signed by 15 inmates. In this letter thay ask permission to use their own mugs, spoons and plates.

Prison inmates who violate prison rules are placed in an isolation cell, where they may not take their own utensils but have to use those provided by the prison, which are often badly washed and expose the inmates to the risk of infection with intestinal diseases and hepatitis A and E.

This is why inmates in the isolation cell have gone on a hunger strike.

"Gara speks" points out that if prison inmates were allowed to use their own dishware and utensils this would pose no threat to prison security.