No need of speculation on euro introduction dates in Lithuania - Grybauskaite

  • 2012-05-24

VILNIUS - As the euro area is facing greater and greater problems, Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite suggested not speculating on dates when Lithuania could adopt euro and stressed that saving and economic incentive policies should not be set against each other.

Grybauskaite expressed her position before the start of an informal meeting of the European Council in Brussels.

"I think there should not be any speculation about dates. We should really and seriously understand that it is too early to relax and policies of saving and economic incentive are not to be set against each other, they both have to follow a parallel path together. & Stimulation of economy is essential but it has to be afforded." she said.

Printing blank money and keeping pushing the whole world into both debt crisis and devaluation of the financial system must not be continued, Grybauskaite said to Lithuanian journalists when asked whether Lithuania did not lose its willingness to introduce euro as fast as possible due to the euro zone situation and especially due to Greece's case.

This week, during her visit to Chicago, Grybauskaite said to Bloomberg News that Lithuania will be ready to introduce euro in 2014 if the euro area development is not stopped due to Europe's debt crisis.