Foreign students satisfied with education at the Estonian universities - study

  • 2012-05-08

TALLINN - According to the global foreign students study iGraduate, 90 percent of the polled foreign students were satisfied with Estonian university education while the satisfaction with the study service was below average, Public Broadcasting reports.

The satisfaction with the study work quality was 82 percent for Estonia while the average of other states was 85 percent, said Education and Science Ministry.

The main concerns were issues connected to further career possibilities, how research work is organized and the foreign languages level of lecturers. Students were satisfied with the multicultural atmosphere and study environment in general.

89 percent of the foreign students were satisfied with the living environment while the average in the study was 85 percent. The level of support services was also evaluated higher than the average 87 - at 89 percent

"Generally, we are quite at the same or a bit better level than a couple of years ago," said Foundation Archimedes university education foreign marketing head Mariann Lugus.

1,600 foreign students study in Estonian universities plus around 800 Erasmus exchange students a year. Nearly 700 foreigners studying in Estonia were polled.