Estonian police to bring extra staff and tougher punishments for traffic violations

  • 2012-04-16

TALLINN - For the second year in row, the number of traffic accidents, deaths and number of traffic violations in Estonia has increased and thus the Estonian police will send more than a hundred extra staff to the streets and will focus on tougher punishments, Eesti Paevaleht writes.

"While currently an average of 89.8 crews are out in the field a day, a couple of months' time their number has to increase to a hundred. 11 policemen are needed to keep a 2-member crew or patrol pair working 24/7, thus the police has to finds around 110 extra people," said Police and Border Guard Board law enforcement police traffic bureau head Alo Kirsimae.

Police intend to change the philosophy of punishments. "We will focus on the most direct dangers, i.e. the violations that can end with human victims," said Kirsimae, citing as an example that while a vehicle without valid traffic insurance generally does not pose a danger to other people, speeding, dangerous maneuvers and drunk driving do.