The charm of Michael Buble on Tallinn’s entertainment stage

  • 2012-04-04
  • By Sam Logger

HEADLINE ACT: Michael Buble continues to build his own name and fan following.

TALLINN - The musical stage is a place for diversity. And it is here that true diamonds can be found, just as can be found ugly rocks. Although it is the listeners who decide who they listen to, music lovers tend to stick to the diamonds. Not because they are more popular, but just because they are natural leaders in what they do, and it attracts the masses!
Every time a musical great visits the Baltic countries, they get a headline. This time it is Michael Buble, who travels to Estonia to promote his number one album “Crazy Love” and broaden his fan base, on April 21.

The Canadian singer Buble is a world-wide superstar. Hits like “Everything,” “Haven’t Met You Yet” or “Cry Me a River” have conquered the hearts of millions, and his name is associated with many prestigious awards, as Buble has won the World Music Award, American Music Award, National Jazz Award and three Grammy awards. Having 35 million records sold, Buble is arguably one of the most in-demand artists today.

Since his debut album “Michael Buble,” released in 2003, the artist’s career has gone uphill. With albums “It’s Time” and “Call Me Irresponsible” Buble moves forward, presenting more hits: “Save the Last Dance for Me” and “Lost.” These two albums draw on his ambition to strengthen the field of contemporary music, and the album “Crazy Love” lets him do so. Although the artist does not leave the jazzy vibe, he produces original tracks to display his wide singing range. The topic-related album “Christmas,” released in 2011, has also continued Buble’s success, rising to the top of the charts around the globe.

Buble has received much praise. Described as an heir to Sinatra because of a similar vocal style, Buble still builds his own name. The concert venue is one of the key factors which boosts his musical career. Thus, Tallinn concert veers away from the traditional cabaret style and enters the world of coziness, at the theater level. “The show will be bombastic, cinematic and at the same time a very intimate experience,” the artist has noted. “I’m hoping that people [will] enjoy the trip. I know I’m going to enjoy taking them on it.”

Buble is an entertainer. He has the skills which demonstrate the meaning of communication towards the audience, and the need to thank the fans who have come to see him in the way he knows the best – through his singing. His trademark is the ballad, the smoothness and emotion within it. Combining a velvet tone and romance, he is a perfect man for women. Ladies are possibly the first ones in the queue for tickets, but there can be no talk about his handsome features being the determinant to see his concert. Buble is able to portray music from a different perspective, which includes an interpretation of musical depth. The artist’s main charm is his voice, which echoes in the brain with ease and plenitude. Buble is one of those musicians whose music becomes even greater and heartfelt with eyes closed, as it is a chance for the voice and melody to flow.

Above all there is a great emphasis on the show. Buble is a member of the top entertainment league, and his concerts are a headliner. Tallinn will be filled with music, great atmosphere and the wonderful presence of one of the greatest singers of all time.