Company briefs - 2012-04-05

  • 2012-04-04

The number of work-related fatalities and workers receiving wages under the table is increasing rapidly in the wood-processing sector, says State Labor Inspectorate (SLI) representative Aivis Vincevs, reports LETA. This year, SLI carried out inspections at 217 wood-processing, furniture manufacture and logging companies, establishing 1,004 violations and imposing 44 administrative fines in a total amount of 23,865 lats (34,000 euros). Last year, SLI imposed 13 administrative fines in the amount of 1,750 lats. The amount of administrative fines rose due to SLI establishing more cases of unreported unemployment at more than ten companies, points out Vincevs. In 2011, the largest number of work-related accidents was registered in the wood-processing sector. 169 work-related accidents were recorded at wood-processing, furniture manufacture and logging companies. Twenty-four workers sustained heavy injuries, five died. In 2010, the figure stood at 132, with 21 serious injuries and one fatality. More than one-half of these accidents were caused by failure to observe safety regulations.

The Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund announced the decision to discontinue implanting disulfiram in people who faced severe social problem drinking - excessive consumption of alcohol - which prevents them from finding proper jobs, reports Postimees. The drug, causing unpleasant hangover-resembling symptoms after the intake of spirits, used to be very popular; however, it now is subject to criticism and no longer produced in the EU in implant form. The remedy was relatively popular in Estonia, used by 113 people in 2011.