Estonian physicians to be relieved of overload

  • 2012-03-21

TALLINN - The Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs started a project aimed to ease Estonian physicians' workload by providing a network of freelance substitute doctors, the Estonian national broadcasting corporation ERR reports.

The first substitute physicians started working in Pärnu County and Harju County on March 21 in a framework of trial project.

Undersecretary of Social Affairs Ministry Ivi Normet said that the aim of the novelty is to develop a functioning system which provides substitutes when doctors and nurses go on holiday.

"Preparations have made good progress up to this point," said Normet.

A total of 19 doctors and 21 nurses applied for the project lasting from March 1 to November 30, 2012. There were 37 requests from GPs and ten - from nurses.

The substitute stint can range from seven to 28 days in length and cannot take place when other GPs or nurses in the same clinic are on holiday.