Ameriks elected new regional party leader

  • 2012-03-19

RIGA - Calling itself a "local-patriotic" regional political party, "Honor to Serve Riga!" was officially established on Saturday [March 17] in Small Guild Hall.

Riga Deputy Mayor Andris Ameriks was elected party chairman by the 316 founding delegates, and 20 persons will be at its core.

The party's platform is basically the Riga municipality's long-term development strategy through 2025, but as Ameriks declared, its goals are "ambitious."

"At the next local election, we want 1/3 of the council. The road will be bumpy, our rivals have already buried us, but I fear not. Quite the contrary, our resolve becomes stronger, that we are on the right road," Ameriks told the congress, adding that he will cooperate with any party that seeks to develop Riga.