Events by Freedom Monument went peacefully

  • 2012-03-16

RIGA - Today's Latvian Legionnaire Remembrance Day events by the Freedom Monument passed by peacefully, with no signals of possible provocations, Interior Minister Rihards Kozlovskis (ZRP) told LETA.

Even though several people were detained, "thank God that everything passed by without any violence," the minister said. He said that this year, just like in previous years, police operated according to a professionally planned strategy.

On the other hand, State Police Chief Ints Kuzis told LETA that police were prepared and successful in maintaining public order today. Kuzis admitted that March 16 events have been gradually becoming calmer year by year.

The police chief said that police will remain on high alert throughout the day and into the evening, as smaller remembrance events are still being held.

As reported, today's procession honoring the Latvian Legion has concluded without serious incidents.

The State Police estimates that around 2,000 people participated in the event.

Unlike the March 16 commemorative events in previous years, no insults were heard this time. Participants placed flowers at the foot of the Freedom Monument in silence.

State Police Riga Region Department Chief Andrejs Grisins informed LETA that three previously-registered events took place in Riga today. The State Police did not establish any unsanctioned events. The number of police officers was sufficient enough to prevent any potential conflicts between both sides, said Grisins.

Grisins also pointed out that fewer people were detained this year.

LETA also reported, so far, three persons have been detained at legionnaire remembrance events in Riga.