Lithuanian politician proposes referendum on construction of Visaginas NPP

  • 2012-03-14

VILNIUS- Lithuania's Christian Party Seimas Group leader Vidmantas Ziemelis has submitted a bill to Lithuanian Parliament, proposing a consultative referendum on the construction of Visaginas nuclear power plant alongside the country's next parliamentary elections, reports LETA/ELTA.

The Seimas member believes that this issue is important enough for the Lithuanian nation to vote on in compliance with the Constitution of Lithuania. Ziemelis believes that the construction of Visaginas nuclear power plant concerns Lithuania's long-term financial commitments and may also affect the safety of its residents.

Moreover, the talks with all potential investors were held behind closed doors, thus energy experts and mass media were not able to become familiar with the project's economic and financial conditions that are highly important for all citizens, pointed out Ziemelis.

It is rumored that, referring to the issues of energy independence, the decision on the new plant will be rushed without allowing society to become familiar with the project, its commitments and their impact on Lithuania's future, explained Ziemelis.

According to Ziemelis, tens of billions of litas will be invested in the project on a non-commercial basis.

Ziemelis' motion must receive support from at least 36 MPs for the referendum to be staged.