Greens protest against NPP in Lithuania

  • 2012-03-14

VILNIUS - On Wednesday, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus and Kaliningrad's greens and non-governmental organizations are organizing a united trip by buses and cars from Daugavpils to Vilnius. This is how they are going to protest against building nuclear power plants (NPPs) in Lithuania, Belarus, Russia, and Kaliningrad region.

According to the initiators of the trip, meetings with residents of Daugavpils, Ignalina, Zarasai and Vilnius will be scheduled.

Final trip's destination is a picket at the Seimas Office in Vilnius.

According to the protest organizer Tomas Tomilinas, it is organized to draw people's attention to nuclear waste disposal problems which will occur after launching new "nuclear monsters". He said that out-of-date electricity generation technologies are being used in nuclear energy, he also reminded of Chernobyl and Fukushima victims and financial losses those countries suffered from due to a liquidation of the accidents.