Danish vocal group BaSix heads to Estonia

  • 2012-02-29
  • By Sam Logger

PURE SOUND: The band has become one of Europe’s most successful a cappella groups.

TALLINN - Music embraces every aspect of life, demonstrating the emotions and actions that make life wonderful.
As there are certain trends in life, so there are trends in music. We listeners grow accustomed to popular music that is shaped with the help of instruments.

However, another approach to music is just as powerful, and that is a cappella music. It differs in its arrangements and musical amplitude. It is often considered that musicians who choose a cappella as their trademark have learned music from its foundations to make it even more moving. This is what Estonia is going to experience when the Danish superband BaSix will visit the country from March 7 – 10.

BaSix are six men with a musical background: Christoffer Brodersen, Anders Orsager, Niels Norgaard, John Kjoller, Peter Bach and Toke Wulf. In 2001, the band marked the start of their career when they participated in Denmark’s national pre-competition for the Eurovision Song Contest with “I Australien” (“In Australia”).

 They finished second, but that has nonetheless enhanced their success. Since then the band has performed on radio and TV shows, increasing their fan base and audience appreciation. They released their debut album “The Grass” the same year, and it occupied the top 10 on the Danish music charts for seven weeks, earning them a platinum album.
“The Great Christmas Show” in 2004 and 2005, when BaSix shared the stage with international stars like Gawin DeGraw and Lucie Silvas, the band has deservedly transformed into one of the leading ensembles in Scandinavia. They have not stopped there – the albums “Embodiment” (2003), “Christmastime” (2005), “Star People” (2007), “Diversity” (2009) and their newest “Hjemmebane” (2011) are engraved with the mark of quality.

BaSix’s strongest aspect is their musical diversity – they play at the point where pop meets jazz, soul, R&B, and rock to form strong compositions with unheard arrangements of well-known songs. They have the rare ability to create a new perception of music.

That ability has not gone unnoticed. The band has won four prestigious CARA awards, including “Best European Album” and “Best Holiday Album.” CARA, the Contemporary A cappella Recording Awards, reward the best musicians of the industry who use their voice as their only instrument. BaSix have written their name in the archives with “Embodiment,” “Christmastime” and “Diversity.” Meanwhile, they travel around the globe to concert halls, churches, cafes, theaters, clubs and even private events. Their talent has been appraised in their native Denmark and also in Norway, the Netherlands, the USA, Austria, Slovakia and Cyprus. Now it is Estonia’s turn to appreciate their mastery of music.
What’s so special about BaSix? They fascinate!

The most significant fact about a cappella music is that it ensures a stronger platform for musicians to develop. The opinion that “voice” is strictly limited cannot be further from the truth. The voice is actually the best instrument to work with. A cappella proves there are no borders that cannot be overcome to find out what is on the other side. A cappella provides the opportunity to hear the thinnest lines of life.
Melody and rhythm are the basics, but they are widened with polyphony, beat and attitude. This style is probably the only one in the world which drags the listener on various journeys at the same time as every voice of the arrangement tells a story of another kind.

Unfortunately, its uniqueness is its biggest drawback. Why? BaSix are probably not made for everybody. Those who expect to drift through the concert without forming any emotional attachment are recommended to choose another event for the night. The rest, on the other hand, are invited to open their minds for some excellent entertainment.
Music will always divide people by tastes and interests. BaSix will leave you wondering about a person’s ability to express a story that is simple and complex at the same time. Those who choose this concert for the evening must be aware – they can discover completely new musical horizons afterward.

BaSix will perform
in Parnu on March 7,
in Tallinn on March 8,
in Tartu on March 9
and in Johvi on March 10.
Ticket information can be found at: www.piletilevi.ee.