Furniture dealer looking for a leading position in Estonia

  • 1998-10-01
  • Kairi Kurm
TALLINN - The third largest Finnish furniture chain, Sotka Finland OY, opened a 5,000 square meter store in Tallinn, which is the biggest in the Baltic states.

The company wants to become the market leader in Estonia and open stores in Lithuania and Latvia during the next two years.

Sotka OY has cooperated with Estonian furniture producers for 10 years. According to the manager, Antti Narhinsalo of the Estonian Sotka subsidiary, the quality of furniture made in Estonia is equivalent to that of Finnish furniture

Sotka OY has a large stake in two Estonian furniture companies, the producer Standard and dealer Mooblimaja. This partnership is a good way to get into the Finnish market, Mooblimaja representatives say.

The Sotka representatives claim that they have not had any bad intentions towards their competitor Mooblimaja.