Several property units to be liquidated in Curonian Spit

  • 2012-01-10

VILNIUS - Three illegally built real estate objects should be knocked down in Curonian Spit, Lithuanian national news agency reports.

The decision was approved by the Lithuanian government on Jan. 9, informs LETA/ELTA.

“The statesmen have reached a complicated compromise, which actually provided not good solutions, because the society and the state have reached a stalemate during previous ten years,” Lithuanian Justice Minister Remigijus Simasius stated.

Only three buildings should be liquidated; the others might either stay as they are, or be brought in conformance to the Curonian Spit’s national park’s regulation.

“It was decided that at least three properties do not fit into common [development] plan, and must be knocked down. Others should be improved and, therefore, stay where they are,” noted Simasius.