Protest at Russian Embassy in Tallinn went peacefully

  • 2011-12-12

TALLINN - Around 20 people gathered in front of the Russian Embassy in Tallinn on Dec. 10 to protest against the recent State Duma elections, which many believe was rigged, reports 

The results of the elections showed that the ruling party United Russia, led by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, won over half of the seats in the State Duma, although their popular support had significantly dropped. This brought thousands of Russians on the streets demanding to an end to Putin’s rule and a new parliamentary election.

Marina Pimenova, head of the civic initiative group Friends of Russian Democracy, told that protest went mostly peacefully, yet she said there were some small incidents. For example, representatives of the pro-Kremlin Web site asked the demonstrators why they had not protested Estonia’s recent parliamentary e-elections, which according to them were also dishonest, said Pimenova.

Theembassy staff, however, remained calm throughout the protest, Pimenova added.