Insurance portal to attract Russian-speakers

  • 2000-10-26
  • Aleksei Gynter
TALLINN - Uhispank's life insurance company opened a life and pension insurance Web page in Russian on Oct. 18.

The Web page ( now contains various information on the bank's insurance services for private and business clients, a news section and a glossary in three languages, including English. Pension and other agreements can be signed online. Uhispank's entire Web site contains about 1,000 pages. About 30 percent of Estonian residents speak Russian and represent a sizable consumer base, according to Uhispank's president Ain Hanschmidt.

He said the bank is trying to become the best online bank in Estonia, and therefore needs to attract the Russian-speaking part of the population.

"In general, the matters of insurance and pension are gaining popularity now in Estonia," added Hanschmidt.

The opening of the insurance portal is another step towards the integration of Estonian society, as Katrin Saks, minister for population affairs, puts it.

"Something in Russian and for Russians is opening almost every day now, and that proves the attitude toward them has changed for the better," said Saks.