Clarity needed on energy projects

  • 2011-11-10
  • From wire reports

RIGA - In regard to Latvia’s involvement in regional energy projects, the main criteria will be the impact these projects will have on the country’s national economy, said Economy Minister Daniels Pavluts during a meeting on Nov. 3 with President Andris Berzins, reports LETA. After the meeting, the new economy minister explained that the economic benefits of these projects will be evaluated, as well as the impact on energy tariffs.

Latvia has already expressed support for participation in the Lithuanian nuclear power plant project if, when the final decision is made, Latvia’s economic interests are taken into account.
Asked about the possible construction of a regional liquefied natural gas terminal in Riga, Pavluts said that Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia have not made a joint decision regarding the project. The economy minister added that more clarity on whether this project will move forward could be made within a month. If a positive agreement is made, the European Commission has promised co-funding.

Pavluts is expected in the coming weeks to go on working visits to Estonia and Lithuania to meet the economy ministers there and discuss economic cooperation issues, including regional energy projects. He has said that Lithuania and Estonia are not only Latvia’s neighbors, but also important economic cooperation partners.

“The liquefied natural gas terminal project is very important for Latvia. At the same time, I wish to discuss with my Baltic colleagues how best the Baltic region can promote itself to investors as an economically active, dynamic and innovative region. I also wish to discuss how best we can strengthen our energy independence,” the minister pointed out.