Five die in Malpils building collapse

  • 2011-10-17
  • TBT Staff

The building collapse took place in the central Latvian town of Malpils.

MALPILS -- Five people have been killed and seven people injured when a building collapsed in the central Latvian town of Malpils.

President Andris Berzins said the collapse was "one of the most tragic accidents in Latvian history."

The three-storey residential building collapsed on Sunday for reason still unknown. The Fire and Rescue Service has said a gas leak and subsequent explosion is a possible cause for the tragedy.

Two males, ages 52 and 62, and three females, ages 48, 57 and 79, were among those killed in the accident. Two of the injured were children, aged 4 and 10.

Six apartments were destroyed in the 18-apartment building.

The brick house was built in 1972 and had no centralized heating. Apartments were heated with stoves and gas.