Estonia worst in EU for cyber-bullying

  • 2011-10-06
  • TBT Staff

Estonia has the EU's largest problem with cyber-bullying.

TALLINN -- A recent report from "EU Kids Online" has found that Estonia has the EU's largest problem with cyber-bullying.

The report found that nearly 15% of Estonian child aged 9-16 have been the victims of cyber-bullying, which involves sending repeated hateful or threatening messages via phone or computer. It can also include releasing embarrasing pictures or

“We are on a firm leading position in regard to cyber-bullying: 14% of children in the age of 9-16 have been cyber-bullied,” said Tartu University media studies professor Veronika Kalmus, who coordinated the Estonian section of the report.

Similar findings last year revealed that Estonia also has one of the largest incidents in the EU in terms of physical bullying (second only to Slovenia), with 22% of chidren having suffered from bullying.

“Most likely it is not an internet centred phenomenon, but general level of aggressiveness. Aggressiveness has found an outlet in the internet environment,” Kalmus said.