Two Balts found in UK 'slave' caravan

  • 2011-09-14
  • TBT Staff

LONDON -- A Latvian and a Lithuanian were found among some 24 men saved from a "slave" labor caravan near London.

British police said the men were living in "shockingly filthy and cramped" conditions. Some had been there for as many as 15 years, others for just a few months. The men ranged in age from 17 to 57

Four men and one pregnant woman were arrested when police raided the site. They are reportedly all members of the same family. 

The men will be charged under the U.K.‘s Slavery and Servitude Act 2010. The woman was released on bail and will be questioned further after giving birth.

The victims were reportedly lured from homeless kitchens and soup shelters with the promise of paid work, then forced to work long hours in "slave-like" conditions.

The victims were forced to live in horse trailers and dog kennels and threatened with violence if they tried to leave.