Captain America: The First Avenger

  • 2011-08-17
  • By Laurence Boyce

Director: Joe Johnston

Someone is being so faithful to the medium of comic books that they’re making sure that they’re releasing them every month (or so it seems). But even though the comic book adaptations are becoming a bit too numerous, it has to be admitted that “Captain America” has a pleasantly retro feel that makes it stand out from the crowd.

In 1942 Steve Rogers (Chris Evans, who is impressively square jawed in the lead) is denied for U.S. military service thanks to his small stature and lack of physical strength. However his passion to defend his country is noticed by Dr. Abraham Erskine who brings him into a top secret government program. Erskine is developing a serum to enhance the strength of soldiers and Rogers becomes one of his subjects. Soon Rogers is a walking advertisement for the might of U.S. military. Given a gaudy new costume and nick-named ‘Captain America,’ he is sent to inspire those already in the thick of battle. But a Nazi villain by the name of The Red Skull (Hugo Weaving, doing his usual enjoyable job of playing a bad guy) will soon pull Captain America into a fight to the end. And Captain America will find the serum has given him the skills needed to become a true hero.

This is a simple slam/bang action movie in which the good guys are whiter than white and the bad guys quite obviously evil. Director Johnston never lets anything become too complicated and it all rolls along at a tremendous pace. The story is satisfying though, like “Thor” and “Iron Man,” it sometimes feels a set-up for an even bigger film (which in fact it is, with “The Avengers” movie, with characters from the various comic book movies released over the past year all taking part, due out at some point next year).

Simple and entertaining, which sometimes is all you need.


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