Estonian leadership to refuse meeting with Dalai Lama

  • 2011-08-05
  • TBT Staff

TALLINN -- Estonia's top leadership has said that they will not meet with the Dalai Lama during the religious leader's high profile visit later this month.

In his third visit to Estonia, lasting from Aug. 16 to 18, the Dalai Lama will meet with four ministers, all hailing from IRL. Speaker of Parliament Ene Ergma and Prime Minister Andrus Ansip have said they will not take part, while there is as of yet no word from President Toomas Hendrick Ilves.

A movement called "Friends of Tibet" had called on leaders to show their support for the Dalai Lama.

"Today, as a full member of a Europe that defends human rights, it is time to show that we are free and not afraid to say: The power of money or weapons can never justify ignoring human rights, oppressing people or committing atrocities," the movement said in a press release.

Those ministers who will meet the Dalai Lama include Mart Laar, Ken-Marti Vaher, Juhan Parts and Jaak Aaviksoo.

Earlier this year the Dalai Lama announced thathe would officially give up his political power, passing on leadership of the movement to free Tibet to a younger generation. He remains the spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism.