• 2011-07-27
  • By Laurence Boyce

Director: Paul Feig

After years of battling inequality, the modern woman has done much to break down the barriers of sexism, unfair treatment and a society dominated by men. But there has been one thing eluding females for quite a while. Up and down the world, the fairer sex has been asking: “Why has no-one made a film like “The Hangover” but for women?” Fear not. With “Bridesmaids” the call has finally been answered.

Annie is in her mid-30s, with a failed business and no boyfriend. So when best friend Lillian announces her forthcoming wedding, Annie’s feelings are mixed. Things take a turn for the worst when Helen – another acquaintance of Lillian’s – enters the picture. She’s everything that Annie isn’t and is soon replacing Annie in Lillian’s affections. As Annie tries to take center stage as Maid of Honor amongst a group of other bridesmaids, things begin to spiral out of control. With Annie’s increasing jealousy, some crazy personalities and some strange situations, even a prospective relationship with a police officer, may not bring Annie the happiness she wants.

Whilst this has been celebrated for bringing a female perspective to the gross-out comedy, the trouble is that it’s not actually that funny. The plot seems disjointed and sketchy, lurching from one tired and forgettable set-piece to another and the gross-out elements – including one extended piece about food poisoning (I will leave the details to your imagination) – seem forced. Also, at a little over two hours, it just seems rather long and can’t sustain itself at all.

Despite this, the acting is good with Kristen Wiig giving a star-making turn in the lead role and Melissa McCarthy giving it some gusto in a great support performance as the straight talking Megan, whilst Chris O’Dowd manages to score one for the men in a charming performance as Annie’s  new prospective flame.

There are things to like here and the idea is a noble one. But in execution, “Bridesmaids” is a typical chick flick just with some extra rude words and vomit.


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