Eurostat: Latvia, Estonia have highest number of foreigners

  • 2011-07-21
  • TBT Staff

More than 17% of Latvian residents are foreign citizens.

RIGA -- A recent study has found that in Latvia and Estonia are second only to Luxembourg in having the highest number of foreigners living in the country.

The study, conducted by Eurostat, the EU's official statistics agency, found that 17.4% of the Latvian population are foreign citizens. Latvia was closely followed by Estonia (and Cyprus) at around 16%.

Lithuania, interestingly, came in at the other extreme. Eurostat found that Lithuania has the second smallest number of foreign citizens at just 1.1%.

On average, 6.5% of the European population are foreign citizens in their country of residence. The number of people who were foreign born was even higher at 9.4%.

The tiny and ultra-rich state of Luxembourg topped the list at an astounding 43%. Poland at 0.1% was the only country with fewer foreign citizens than neigboring Lithuania.

The results are based on population figures from 2010. A full version of the study can be seen here.