Maritime Days surprise with ships and music

  • 2011-07-13
  • By Sam Logger

PARTY BOATS: A welcome tradition, Maritime Days sees lots of activities at three Tallinn ports.

TALLINN - Imagine that you have the possibility to explore all the ships which have come into the harbor. They definitely vary in size, style and age, but it does not matter as they all have once overcome the uncertainty of the sea. Tallinn, providing the best events, and also being the European Capital of Culture 2011, ensures that everyone has this possibility when Maritime Days starts, from July 15 – 17.

Maritime Days are a warmly welcomed tradition in Tallinn. It was necessary “to bring life to the seashore areas and explore new or forgotten places there,” says Maris Hellrand, international communication manager of Foundation Tallinn 2011, describing the Maritime Days. With three years of experience, this year, when the fourth event takes place, it gets bigger and louder offering miscellaneous events three days long at three Tallinn ports – Admiralty Inlet, Peetri Harbor and Seaplane Harbor, as it is expected that 100,000 people will attend this sea party.

In 2011, the event list goes way beyond just being a ship parade. The other accent of Tallinn Maritime Days is music, and visitors will have a great range of artists to choose from. Obviously, the highest expectations are for the grand popular culture Tanel Padar & The Sun, which will officially open the Maritime Days on July 15. Especially for this concert the band will perform together with the Estonian Youth Symphony Orchestra, performing its well-known songs alongside new ones. Another musical headline is Helena Tulve’s composition ‘Salt,’ which will have its premiere on both July 15 and 16 in the Seaplane Port hangars. This composition, which is specially written for Tallinn’s status as the European Capital of Culture, is said to be full of energy and artistry, and the fact that it’s composed considering all characteristics of the hangars, secures credibility in the pureness and comprehension of sound. Still, it needs to be noted that this premiere has an entrance fee, so it is good to buy your ticket in advance as it will cost more at the venue.

However, music just serves as a nice accompaniment to the major events which are related to the term ‘maritime.’ Thus, visitors will get an opportunity to feel the vibe of being thrown into a marine world which is full of surprises. Possibly the most prominent samples of sea vehicles will be seen at Admiralty Inlet, where various ships, such as Krusenstern, Admiral, Kajsamoor and the Danish vessel the HMV 809 Antares will be docked for all of three days. The Krusenstern is potentially the frontrunner of the four, as the ship’s adventurous life has taken it to Chile and Australia, but seemingly Krusenstern’s homeports have been both Riga and Tallinn. Next to these ships Maritime Days also offers a diverse cultural program, including access to police and border guard ships, participation and evaluation of Tallinn Race and Muhuvaina regattas, a chance to buy marine goodies and also the possibility to have a good time watching the water carnival of Nargen Festival.

Historically villages near the sea have lived in the fisherman’s essence, making this profession a lifestyle, rather than an ordinary job. Today many of these villages have become industrially developed cities with harbors as their pride and proof of wealth. But it does not mean that these sea cities, such as Tallinn, have lost the magic of their marine legacy. It has simply grown bigger! Maritime Days perform this development, appointing the significance of a well-established sea industry which benefits locals and internationals. The most reasonable reason to visit this event is to broaden your horizon. Ships are like a reflection of the world; they have absorbed historical energies, happenings and emotions. Surprisingly, these constructed machines really do convey the message of the past! Add a huge amount of entertainment and Maritime Days transforms into a great adventure for loners and families, for bank presidents and ordinary employees, for everyone who knows that fun starts where you are!

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