Planning next move

  • 2011-06-15
  • From wire reports

RIGA - President Valdis Zatlers is currently exploring several possibilities for how he could better involve himself in politics after his term in office ends on July 7, the president said in an interview with the newspaper Diena, reports news agency LETA. “I will remain politically neutral until the end of my term, but I will consult with all politicians who wish to consult with me, as well as with many persons outside politics to find out the best way to achieve our goal - a Latvia that is led by honest persons, and a government without oligarchs,” the president said.

Zatlers did not mention any specific plans, however, he admitted that he has a vision that is gradually being put together. The president is currently meeting with many well known and lesser known persons to understand how many of them are prepared to enter politics to achieve this goal with him. Zatlers did not rule out the possibility that a new political party could be formed before the emergency Saeima elections.

The president said last week that after his term of office expires, he “definitely won’t be standing on the sidelines,” but that he has not made a decision yet on his future endeavors.
“These [new] political processes actually I have initiated, so naturally I won’t be standing on the sidelines,” the president declared, adding that he does not rule out any of the possibilities widely mentioned in the media. These mentioned options are that Zatlers will establish a new political party, join the Unity alliance or set up a new NGO.

Zatlers announced his proposal to dissolve the parliament in a nationwide television address on May 28. The referendum on this will be held on July 23.