Baltics still on the defensive

  • 2011-05-25
  • From wire reports

TALLINN - The Royal Swedish Academy of War has prepared a study on how to act if Russia attacked the Baltic States, the Estonian newspaper Ohtulet reports, in reference to a story from the Finnish broadcasting service YLE. The study was prepared by the Royal Swedish Academy of War, which means it is not the official position of the Swedish government.
According to the study, if Russia were to attack the Baltics, it would happen suddenly and the attack would be very swift. Reinforcements would be deployed to Russia’s western borders, and, according to Swedish military experts, Russia would not need much time to organize an invasion. The Swedish experts are confident that it would take Russia only about two weeks to double the number of soldiers on its western borders.

The study also points out that NATO would counter the Russian attack from the air, and Sweden would permit the participation of its fighters in such an operation. The study also emphasizes that it is not part of NATO’s defense plans for the Baltics, but only a possible model of how Sweden would react to a hypothetical war with Russia, taking into account NATO’s overall strategy.

NATO’s nightmare - Russia’s nuclear weapons - are deployed near the borders of the alliance. The authors of the study believe that after a swift invasion of the Baltics, Russia would begin threatening the West with nuclear weapons if they intended to intervene in the conflict.