The storytellers beside the sea

  • 2011-05-18
  • By Antra Feldmane

SOULFUL VIBES: On a roll, the band, with its latest release, moves on with its folk sounds.

TALLINN/RIGA - Ewert and the two Dragons seem to be on top of Estonian indie music now, yet back in October, 2009 they had just released their first album called “The Hills behind the Hills.”
The appearance of the band in Riga started as a friendly movement by the “I Love You” old town music bar, continuing with their new CD release “Good Man Down” just a month ago on the label “I Love You Records.”

At the same time things went even more smoothly for the guys and they received Skype’s “Go Change the World” Award in April, 2011. “We are proud of the Estonian inventions in the creative music industry and therefore we think that they have deserved this award by much of a talent shown,” said Sten Tamkivi, the representative of Skype, at the award ceremony.
The collaboration between the Latvian and Estonian music scene has been a bright mark within the Baltics since the Tallinn Music Week, and also Skype Awards have done their developing parts. However, Ewerts have earned their current position in the Estonian music scene by working hard for the last few years. All four of them are professional musicians. Ewert, who is also the lead singer of the band, surprises with a particularly sparkling voice, Erki plays the guitar, Kristjan runs drums and percussions, but Eti, for his part, manages bass guitar and even glockenspiel.

They seem to be like a local “Mumford and Sons” showing their folk expressions in a very Nordic way - discreet, but soulful. Their “Good Man Down” covers already known singles such as the beating “In the end there’s only love” also offering some  ballads, too. The key point of their musical sounds is telling stories about “different aspects of our lives,” says Ewert. It is not an easy task as there are so many bands in the world. Yet, only few can reach the essence of real meaning, although it depends on subjective grasps about the touchfull approach in music. Meantime, Ewert stays loyal to the indie folk genre reminding that the most important in their work here is to be honest. Just as simple as that!

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