Universal charger

  • 2011-05-01
  • From wire reports

Conspiracy theories abound, but have you heard the one regarding mobile devices scheming to ensure they run out of power at the same time. The rumour, which has yet to be confirmed, is that all mobile devices are tired of being abused by their human owners and want to cause the maximum inconvenience possible.

Whether you believe this flight of fancy or not, perhaps, like the boy scouts, you should be prepared by getting a device capable of charging multiple devices simultaneously, such as IDAPT. The latest version of this multiple charging product is IDAPT i4, which is predominately black, mixing matt and lacquered areas. Unlike some other universal chargers, the IDAPT way is to use interchangable tips which slot into bays when required. The IDAPT i4 universal charger gives you three bays plus a USB port so that 4 devices can be charged simultaneously.

Supplied with the IDAPT universal charger, you get a power lead and set of six tips. The make up of this set has remained constant with all the diferent IDAPT models and be carefully selected for the most common manufacturer's devices. You get tips for the iPod/iPhone, Samsung 4, Sony Ericsson 2, Nokia 2, microUSB and miniUSB. Over 4000 devices are supported including Nintendo DNS, xBox COntroller, PSPs, Kindle, iPads, Blackberrys and a wide range of mobile phones and MP3 players.

Handly the IDAPT tips have been designed so that they can only be inserted into a bay the correct way round. When you need to change one of your current tips, there are two buttons alongside each bay that provide a quick release option. When a device is being charged, LED in front of its bay will glow red ( otherwise it will be green ). There is also an on/off switch for power when the IDAPT i4 is not being used.

Universal charger manufactured by IDAPT is the best choice for those who have a set of gadgets and want to get rid of wire clutter.