Latvians, Lithuanians most likely to emigrate

  • 2011-04-15
  • TBT Staff

BRUSSLES - The latest Eurobarometer survey has found that more than one-third of Latvians and one-quarter of Lithuanians plan on emigrating, by far the highest rates in the EU.

Around 34% of Latvian respondents said it was "very likely" that they would emigrate within the next 10 years -- more than triple the EU average of 11% (see chart left). The corresponding figures in Lithuania and Estonia were 24% (2nd highest) and 15% (8th highest) respectively.

The Baltics stood out in numerous categories on the survey, which measured diversity and emigration across the 27 EU member states.

Latvia also recorded the highest number of residents who do not speak the national language as their mother tongue at 29%, followed by Luxembourg at 26%.

Latvia and Estonia had the highest number of respondents with parents or grandparents born outside of the EU, while Lithuania and Latvia had the highest number of respondents with friends or family living abroad.

On a more positive note, the three Baltic States also had the highest number of respondents who speak multiple languages.

The survey, published this week, included 27,500 respondents across all 27 member states and took place from March to April last year.