Tron: Legacy

  • 2010-12-23
  • By Laurence Boyce

Director:  Joseph Kosinski

The sequel to the 1982 computer-generated extravaganza has been eagerly awaited by film geeks from across the world. The original, which follows the scientist who must escape from a world created inside his computer, was fondly remembered by many for its innovative (at the time) use of computer graphics and unique visual style. But more than a quarter of a century since it was released CGI has moved on in incredible leaps and bounds, and films can no longer appeal on effects alone.

Years after the disappearance of Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges, reprising his role from the original), his son Sam (Garrett Hedlund) finds himself sucked into the digital world. There he finds himself pitted against the forces of Clu (a computer generated and de-aged Bridges, which just feels slightly wrong every time he is on screen), who wants to amass a virtual army and escape into our world. Whilst battling the forces that threaten existence, he must find his father with the help of the beautiful and mysterious Quorra.

The film is certainly extremely nice to look at with a palette of blues and reds that owe a debt not only to the original but to the future noir likes of Blade Runner, and its aesthetic makes it stand out from many of the effects laden extravaganzas we see today. The techno/electronic soundtrack from Daft Punk is also absolutely brilliant, really helping to create a unique and exciting atmosphere (and watch out for a brief cameo from the band as well).

But whist it’s nice to look at, it is let down by the story and acting. There are some gaping plot holes whilst it’s a shame that, with all the money spent on effects, they couldn’t invest in giving Hedlund more than two facial expressions. Bridges is fun, though he does seem now to be permanently treating everything as a sequel to “The Big Lebowski.”
If you examine it closely then the entire film falls apart. But if you go along to enjoy the thrills (especially when it’s showing in 3D) and cool action sequences, then you should be thoroughly entertained. 

Now showing in all three countries.


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