Moscow policy "failed" in Baltics - Nemtsov

  • 2010-12-02
  • TBT Staff

The Russian politician said that improving relations with Latvia was not a priority. (photo:

RIGA - Prominent Russian opposition polititian Boris Nemtsov told Latvian radio today that Moscow's policy toward the Baltic states had "failed" and that fostering better relations is "not a priority".

''I believe that overall, Moscow has failed in its policies towards the Baltics. I wish to emphasize that mostly Putin has failed in this area. Politicians have ruined these relations, and I do not understand how they intend to normalize them. I believe that this is not a priority for Russian politicians," Nemtsov said during a telephone interview with Latvian radio station Rietumu Radio.

''Relations between Latvia and Russia are not that good. I do not think that they are bad, but there are many complications. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Russian President Dimitry Medvedev still have imperialistic mindsets, which hinder the development of relations. On the other hand, Latvians believe that Russia is always on the lookout for a chance to takeover the Baltics,'' said Nemtsov.

''Our side should have let go of its imperialistic mindset long ago, because otherwise we are surrounded only by enemies. But, in regard to Latvia, you are NATO and European Union members, that is why nobody will attack you. Latvia has successfully survived its most delicate period of history, when it was not a member of any of these organizations and stood alone. That is why, according to me, this must be forgotten and we must look to the future, not the past.''