Danish delegation in Liepaja

  • 2010-11-24
  • From wire reports

RIGA - Entrepreneurship, culture and tourism are the three key areas that the Danes are mostly interested in in Liepaja, said Ostergard Rasmussen, executive director at the Danish municipality of Guldborgsund, reports news agency LETA. A delegation from Guldborgsund municipality’s director board visited Liepaja from Nov. 22-23. The delegation met with Liepaja Vice Mayor Silva Golde (People’s Party) and representatives from the Liepaja City Council’s Development Administration to discuss further cooperation opportunities.

Golde stressed that there were several areas where both municipalities could continue to successfully cooperate and exchange experience. This is particularly important in hard times, when both countries and both municipalities face similar problems, it was agreed. This concerns, for instance, administrative reforms, dealing with the economic crisis, budget cuts.

Denmark’s municipal reform was carried out a few years ago; there are 98 municipalities in Denmark at the moment.
The economic situation will not prevent the Danish municipality from cooperating with Liepaja, said Rasmussen. The Danish officials also said that, due to spending cuts, six out of 19 schools in Guldborgsund had to be shut down. Of the municipality’s population of 64,000, 2,000 people receive regular social aid.

Liepaja and Nykobing, one of the members of Guldborgsund municipality, have been sister cities since 1993.
Liepaja Business Center, established by the Danish company Pumac Liepaja, plays a prominent role in industrial production in Liepaja. At the moment, the business center consists of 12 Danish and Swedish companies.
During the Liepaja visit, the Danish delegation was to visit Liepaja Port, Liepaja Business Center, Business Incubator, Karosta, Youth Center, Liepaja Museum, Liepaja Theater, the music college and the Fontaine Palace club.